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Thank you for your interest in participating as a provider for children and families whose services are reimbursed through the Administrative Services Organization (ASO).   The ASO is a financial tool used to help children and their families identify, select, arrange, and pay for supports and services with qualified community providers.  The ASO supports a wraparound process in which case managers work with families to identify their strengths, goals, needs, and their own service providers through the development of a family support plan.  As ASO funds are to be used as a last resort, case managers are responsible for helping families locate services and supports that are either funded by other sources or that naturally exist in the community.  There are many different case management and family support programs that are eligible to access ASO funds.      

ASO services include funds management, accounts payable services, data management, detailed financial reporting, provider credentialing and network management, and quality assurance.  Over 80 different services and supports are available for purchase and allowable services are based on funding source.  There are service-specific credential requirements for many services, as detailed in the ASO Service Code Matrix.  The ASO maintains a web-based Provider Search that allows families and case managers to access the provider database, promoting the families’ ability to directly select providers for needed services and supports.   The website includes provider contact information, service descriptions and availability, and credential information.  
The ASO is administered by the Children’s Board and multiple agencies contribute to the flexible funding pool, including the Children’s Board, Eckerd Connects, the Department of Children & Families, and Hillsborough County BOCC. 
If you would like to become an ASO service provider, please submit the following information in the box below: 
  •        Name, Name of Agency, Physical Address, Email, Phone, Fax, Website
In addition, please download the ASO Provider documents.  You may mail or fax applicable credentials, as well as a completed Provider Data Sheet and W-9 Form to:
Children’s Board ASO
1002 E. Palm Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 229-1941 fax
For more information about the ASO, contact (813) 204-1710.

ASO Provider documents (PDF unless noted):

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